26 March 2011

Seeds are Ready to be Sown

Soooo..... My Dad has lots of gardens.  He has several beds at his house, He has a few annex beds at my oldest sisters house, I think he even has a few plants at My second-oldest sister's Purgatory Ranch.  Now, my second side yard has been tilled, spaded, then tilled again... and tilled a third and fourth time for good measure.

When we bought the house, the previous owners had planted a few tomatoes and had two overgrown Gooseberry bushes.

Sister #2 and Her Husband took the Gooseberries to their land-- there is not enough sugar in the world to entice me to eat as much as those are going to produce.  They came out last night, and helped pull the bushes, and start the spading.  My Little Brother... not the youngest though...  also came.

This morning it rained... it was overcast... it was cold... Dad and I worked.  I made a few more passes with the tiller, and spaded what was left.  Dad spaded and spread his mix of fertilizer, compost, potting soil, etc...

We finished around noon, after working a good part of the morning.  Tomorrow, or Monday, Dad is going to plant onions.  Shortly, we will add tomatoes and peppers.  We have a lot of rabbits, so I think marigolds and poppies will be a requirement.  We will see what happens... Here we go... Feet first into spring...


  1. Pam Voboril26.3.11

    Way to go Tom. I hear from the head gardener that your work was admirable.

  2. Hey Tom-
    Looks like the beginnings of a great garden! Are you starting your seeds outside or do you start them indoors? Or do you just buy plants? We enlarged our garden this year to be 31x66 ft. Can't wait for everything to get in the ground. We've been waiting though (even on our potatoes) because of the cold(er than typical) weather. Cheers!

  3. Mighty fine plot. Glad I could help with the bushes.