05 April 2013

Sheaffer Legacy 2

I know that I should never walk into a brick and mortar pen shop without an idea of what I am coming to look at... 

Over the Easter weekend (end of March, beginning of April, 2013) my family was in Little Rock.  I have a habit of visiting several places... not least of all, Vanness Pens.  As much as I would like to make a plug for them, the reality is, they still exist because they do what they do so well, and their work speaks for itself.   

Needless to say, there are a handful of pens that I have bought online, but I generally try out the more expensive ones... you never know... there are always little differences even within the same make and model.

I went in with some intention of test driving a sailor pen, trying to talk myself into a Parker Vanishing Point, pondering the Faber-Castell basic, I even thought about the Waterman Exception.  I loved the nibs on the Sailors, not sure about the body... still can't get over the clip placement on the Vanishing Point... the Basic did not sit right with me... and I am still fascinated by the Waterman Exception.

I perused the cases... tried several pens... 

Eventually, I made it to the Sheaffer case.  

I had made an offhand comment to Mike Vanness several months ago about my perceived decline in the quality of Sheaffer products, he told me I shouldn't give up too easily on them, they still had several great products.  Several months ago I tried a Legacy and I wasn't sure.  I liked how it felt, I liked the nib... but I couldn't get over the "modern Sheaffer" hang up.

Shortly after I had tried the Legacy... I acquired a MontBlanc 149.  I did a writeup here... Review of the MontBlanc 149 by a former anti-montblancite

Somewhere in there FPN's jar reminded me of the Legacy and of PFMs... That has stayed on my mind...

So THIS trip, after trying it once before, after writing with a MB 149 for several months... when Mike took the Legacy 2 out of the case... it didn't take much convincing.  I haven't looked back.

I got the black lacquer with gold trim.  I have wondered if I should have gotten one with a silver cap... but when I see pictures of them all together, my eyes are always drawn to this one.

 It is a hefty pen.  Lite pens make my hand cramp.  It is not in any way unbalanced.  I am not in the habit of posting my caps, but I could if I wanted to, and it would not make the pen unwieldy.

I love the inlaid nib.  I went for a medium, and I would say it is fairly true to that.  The section is also very nice.  I would say it has a very similar girth to a Lamy 2000, but it barely tapers.  The cap is held in place by an O-ring on this model.  I have tried several hand holds, and they are all comfortable.  I wrote lesson plans and lecture notes with it and did not have any problems with fingers slipping on the lacquer or finding any annoying bumps, threads, etc.

In my ignorance, I had glossed over the filling mechanism until after I bought it.  I know the pen is a reincarnation of the PFM (Pen for Men) and I am aware of the touchdown filling system... but it really is a treat.  It really works well.  I also like the idea that I can swap out the touchdown adapter with a cartridge.  I don't think I have used a cartridge in close to 15 years... but the adaptability is nice.

I will admit to being mystified by the touchdown filling system.  I understand that it compresses the chamber when you depress the plunger... essentially squeezing the sack inside the converter, and that a small grove in the end of the rod allows air back in, allowing the sack to return to normal and suck in ink... but how does it let air in when you are pulling the plunger out... The only thing I can figure is that the plunger rod tapers ever so slightly at the end...

Also, how difficult are these to repair if something breaks?  I guess there is always the cartridge or squeeze converter options...

Comparing it to other pens... from left to right: Noodler's Nib Creeper, Sheaffer 330, Lamy 2000, Sheaffer Legacy 2, Noodler's Ahab, Lamy Safari, MontBlanc 149.  I thought about throwing a few others in there... but I had a black pen theme going... so I stuck with it.

I am happy with the pen.  If you have been on the fence and can find one... go for it.  I don't know about the Legacy 1 or the Heritage... but I like the Legacy 2...

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