01 December 2012

Jinhao 159 Desk Pen

I have been in the market for a desk pen.  I have looked at several of the ones available... and have come up short.  I find the ultra skinny pen... painful.  I have looked at the MontBlanc 149 desk pens, but I am a school teacher, and the price is prohibitive.

So, my solution was to make my own.  I would not recommend this with any pen you have sentimental value for... or that can't be replaced for less then 10$.  If you read the title and thought Jinhao had come out with a desk pen... I am sorry to disappoint.

We start with a piece of beveled wood.  I decided I like it a little square, but round works well.  If you don't have a router, it is easy to find pieces this size at hobby and craft stores.  It was important to me to have a little heft... but probably not necessary.  Part of the reason I went with the Jinhao 159 is the amount of metal in the pen.  I don't think it is going to put undue stress on the pen or cap.

I removed the cap finial and the clip   The finial is brass.  I don't think this would have worked well if it was not metal.  I carefully drilled a small hole and inserted a screw.

I drilled a larger hole in the wood, so that I could angle the pen down when it was drilled in.

I dry fitted everything to make sure it was going to work.

I stained it with some cherry wood stain... I liked it but realized I wanted more shine.

I am very happy with it.  It is sturdy, it is easy to remove the pen and I am happy.  

I really like the actual pen a lot.  I have heard people complain about the lacquer chipping off, etc.  I like to think this will help avoid that.  

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