17 March 2018

Fr. Joseph Neilson, OCD

Today, March 17th is the anniversary of the passing of a dear friend of our family, Fr. Joseph Neilson, OCD.  Fr. Joseph was a Discalced Carmelite.  It was fitting that he was born on the feast of the Holy Innocents (December 28, 1932) as he was instrumental in the founding of problem pregnancy centers in Texas, Arkansas, and elsewhere.  He was a great scholar, and despite a debilitating car accident, he challenged those around him and a spiritual and intellectual level. On a more personal note, he was a great friend and spiritual rock for Hannah and I when we were engaged and first married.

During one of our trips to the Marylake Monastery to drive Fr. Joseph to get ice cream he shared a prayer with us.  He told us it was his little prayer when he reached into a bag of chips, or had any other small snack: Dominus qui fecit totum, benedicat cibum et potum; May the Lord Who made everything, Bless this food and drink.

We have kept the page he wrote on, and have hung it in our kitchen, from the very beginning of our marriage, till now.  It has seen better days, but it reminds us that in all things, great and small, to God be the glory.

We miss you Fr. Joseph, and while we feel fairly certain that March 17th 2012 was your entrance day into heaven, we do as you ask and pray for your soul and all the souls of the faithful departed.

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